SQL Server options in Azure

Azure offers a range of SQL Server options from simple PAAS solutions up to as complex an infrastructure as you want using IAAS. With all these options there are benefits and downsides

But where are the sweet spots?

In this session we’ll look at all he options, look at the pros and cons of each, and how to get the best of them. The guiding principle will be to look for the simplest solution to the problem, leaving you free to get on with the important stuff

Service Fabric, Hands-On

Microservices, Orchestration, Deployment and Scale!


You’ll need the following;

Azure IoT PaaS vs IoT Central SaaS

This session will explore the differences between Azure IoT PaaS service (IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, TSI, DPS etc) and Azure IoT Central, a new IoT SaaS solution

Azure IoT Hubs with Raspberry Pi and Node.Js

This workshop based session takes attendees from start to finish through connecting a Raspberry Pi to Microsoft Azure IoT Hubs.

I take the user through the basics of IoT, Microsoft’s Azure offering and basic electronics where we build a simple circuit with a couple of LEDs, a button and a Temperature Sensor.

We cover everything from how to create a Basic IoT hub, connect a Raspberry Pi up to a circuit, add the parameters to the template code and see our first interaction between the Pi and the IoT hub.

We’ll also walk through Device Twins and Azure Functions showing how to send a tweet when the room temperature drops below a certain level.


You’ll need the following;

Generating PDFs at scale in Azure

A quick overview of how we tackled generating large amounts of PDFs in Azure